Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bloggers' Get-Together at Skoobs Theatre of Books - Montecasino

The Venue: Skoobs Theatre of Books - Montecasino - Fourways
The Event - Blogger's Get-Together / Networking Session - 20th July 2013

Skoobs Theatre of Books

Skoobs is an eclectic, independantly-owned bookstore in Montecasino. They take pride in their diverse selection of titles and are the go-to store for special orders.

At the ground level, you will find a wonderful coffee shop that make some of the best cofee you will find in the Northern suburbs. They offer a range of small eats as well.

If you go upstairs (providing you are able to drag yourself away from the books and other goodies down below) you will find a comfortable, modern champagne bar / lounge complete with baby grand piano and a wonderful cocktail menu.

Skoobs is the ideal venue to host bookish meetings where passionate people can bond over shared interests. I really recommend the Strawberry Daquiri!

Meeting and Greeting Fellow Bloggers

When I arrived, I was unsure of who were bloggers and who where regular customers. Then all the troops were rounded up to the outside balcony, where platters of wonderful nibbles were waiting for us.

Introductions were made and goodie bags distributed and we set about the very serious task of mingling.

Luckily I had a wing lady in the form of Martha from Syllable in the City. This made the whole process a lot easier!

I can't for the life of me remember her name, but I found another devoted Vampire Academy fan who has reread the books even more than I have!

Twitter handles were exchanged and a good time was had by all!

Some of The Awesome Bloggers I Met

I did not mingle with everyone, but here are some of the bloggers I managed to chat to!

The Goodie Bags!

The wonderful staff at Skoobs got in touch with some very generous sponsors such as JC le Roux and put together a wonderful goodie bag for all us bloggers!

  • A proof copy of a random book - there were several different books floating around. If anything this made for a great icebreaker as I quite enjoyed being nosy and seeing what others has gotten!
  • A mini bottle of Rose JC le Roux champs - This thing is so cute I really don't want to drink it! Will save it for a special occasion
  • Tickets to the Preview Screening of City of Bones at Montecasino - This was one of the best things in the goodie bag! And only a few of us are lucky enough to be going!
  • Ferrero Rocher chocies - I donated these to my boyfriend due to an aversion to nuts! But we all know books and chocolate go hand-in-hand!
  • Mini-Mark bookmarks - These cute little magentic bookmarks are the perfect tool for any blogger. The act as handy page markers should you be wanting to reference back to something later and will not be in the way.
  • The Really Tiny Book-light - I had one of these ages ago and was so happy to find a replacement in my goodie bag. This little accessory fits into your handbag and clips on to the cover of the book. The single LED provides more than enough light to read by.
  • Little Book-Holder - I have not yet put this cute little goodie to use. It keeps your book open while you read!
  • A handy pink notebook
  • A keyring

A BIG thank you to Marcia and the Skoobs team for organising such a wonderful event. I will definately be at the next one!

Follow Skoobs on Facebook and contact them for any of the products listed above!

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