Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's August! - What to Expect on the Blog

Who else can't believe it is August already?

There are some exciting things happening this month which I will be blogging about.

I also have some epic reads sitting in my TBR pile that I hope to get to, providing I don't get distracted along the way!


The 9th August marks the start of the second EB Warehouse Sale of the year. This is the biggest event for bookish folk and I am already buzzing with anticipation!

For those who have not been, the sale is brilliant. Thousands of books of all genres for the choosing, going at jusr R50/kg. I kid you not. For those who are bad at math, I worked out that you can get about five average-sized novels for R50. Earlybirds will also find CDs, DVDs, bookmarks and other goodies that you can take with abandon, as they essentially cost nothing.

Here are my tips to survive this event:
  • Get there early! The crowds really start piling up by the tills, although this is managed quickly and efficently by the helpful, friendly staff
  • Do a walkthrough first to suss out where things are. The warehouse is huge and items are usually kept to specific sections. This will save you time and frustration later when you are lugging around a box of books.
  • The warehouse gets quite hot and stuffy, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes and have water handy.
  • Grab what you like first and sort later! Someone else may find that book while you are busy mulling over it. Or it may be lost in the piles of books on the tables. Rather have it safely in your box. You can always put it back.
  • Be patient and please watch out for others. I was hit in the head last time by some inconsiderate man with his very heavy box. You are not going to be the only perosn at the sale. Be kind to others, be patient. There are plenty of books to go around.
  • Bring along a suitcase with wheels. Your haul gets heavy very quickly! They do provide some flatbed trollies, but there are not many to go around.
  • Have a shopping partner! There is a lovely place across the road that sells food and drink (Bratwurst!) and it can be handy to shop in shifts or tackle different sections knwoing what the other person has in mind.
I will be blogging about the sale, complete with pics and what you can find there, so keep an eye out!

TBR Pile - part of my A-Z Challenge
  • The Diviners - Libba Bray
  • Everneath- Brodi Ashton
Books that I Want to Buy
  • Apocalypse Now Now - Charlie Human
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman
Have a great month, everyone! Happy reading!

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