Friday, October 4, 2013

Update: Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

So, those of you who have been following me on Twitter are well aware of my frequent hospitalisations. As a result of ongoing health problems, I have also been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Myesthenia Gravis (MG) which basically results in extreme muscle fatigue, especially when performing repetitive actions. It was this that contributed to my numerous health issues over the past few years.

MG is not a bad diagnosis. Unlike its relative, Multiple Sclerosis, it is not degenerative and is treated with a handy little pill called Mestinon. I have even read that changing my diet around will ease symptoms significantly. So this means no more sugars, lactose and gluten. Which we should probably all avoid anyway.

Now that this is out of the way and I am back on track, I am hoping to catch up on reviews I need to write as well as review new books I will be recieving in the next week or so. I love my blogs and all the bookish people I get to interact with doing what I do.

I will also be contributing to Exclusive Books monthly eZine, where I will be writing about current YA reads and my thoughts on the genre.

I will also be giving my other blog, Springboeke, some needed attention. As this fell to the wayside with my poor health. Keep an eye out for a guest post by local author SA Partridge!

Upcoming Reviews:
Rose Under Fire
The Originals
How I Live Now

Have a great October everybody! We are in the homestretch of 2013 and soon it will be Christmas!


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