Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The YA Revolution and Why You Should Care

Harry Potter.
Hunger Games.

Just a few of the popular titles in YA that have made it big in cinemas around the world. This in itself is indicative of the success of the YA genre in recent years. And yet I still get asked by random people (who are usually not readers anyway) why I love YA so much.


One of my favorite reads of 2013.

YA is taking the world by storm. Not only are teens around the world reading and engaging more with literature, they are also blogging, reviewing and interacting with other fans online. This is also extending past the teenage market and many adults can be found browsing the YA section in bookstores. There are even special "adult" covers released for the more popular titles.

Massive Marketing campaigns are now going into the release of specific titles. Giveaways, swag (bookmarks, postcards, promo gifts) and blog tours are all the rage in promoting the latest popular YA releases. Bloggers clamor to get their paws on  advanced reader copies (ARCs).

Such is the passion of the readers that authors are actually held accountable for what happens to their characters. It's a whole new ballgame and I am a regular player. Although I wouldn't go so far as insulting an author because I didn't like how the story turned out, I do get a cheap thrill when an author responds to my tweet!

While YA itself has quickly proven to be more than a trend, there certainly are trends within the genre. First we loved vampires thanks to Twilight. Now we are all over Dystopian fiction thanks to Hunger Games and Divergent. With a smattering of zombies thrown in for good measure!

Now in a cinema near you!

YA offers a fun read with great imaginative settings and plots. it has great characters you can really root for and relate to. There is something for everyone and it should not be restricted to a certain age group.

If you are a reader and have not read YA, I feel sorry for you. Do not judge the genre based on the critical grumblings of those who deem themselves too good to read it... but who can sit and judge it without having done so. Don't be one of those people!

Have a browse around my blog for some great YA suggestions to get you started!

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