Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cover Reveal: The Ripmender by Julianne Alcott

Paranormalsphere is proud to host our first ever cover reveal!

The Ripmender is a forthcoming YA novel from  Julianne Alcott published by local publishing company Wordsmack.

I have also been lucky enough to receive an eARC of The Ripmender, so expect a review soon!

Without further ado, here is the gorgeous cover of The Ripmender! I love it!

 About The Ripmender:

‘In the real world, ones' idols ended up going to rehab or jail, or marrying someone for three days. They didn't end up being from another planet.’

Cathy Slater dreams of meeting the love of her life ... teen rock sensation, Nathan Jake. Of course, this is impossible – he is adored by millions, and she has trouble fitting into her own family. Even if he is a tutor at her university, she can’t compete with the packs of adoring fans constantly surrounding him.
But then her life changes forever when she stumbles onto Nathan Jake’s biggest secret. She wasn’t meant to see what he could do … what he was.

Becoming part of his secret means that Cathy is thrown head first into his world – the one in which Ripmenders keep unsuspecting worlds like ours safe from invasion. And then there are the jealous super-fans to deal with …

But can Jake ever reciprocate Cathy’s feelings? As she discovers more about the Ripmenders and the shadowy organisation that runs them, the more she worries that his cold, calm demeanour will never give way to the loving man she always imagined him to be. Follow the couple from South Africa across the galaxy to fantastical planets through the rips of space.

Comment from Louisa Pieters from Foolmoon Design:

With all the trends in Young Adult covers to contend with, it is not an easy process to design a cover that stands out.

What with full figure shots, albeit with chopped of heads, close-up facial shots, dreamy girls (or boys as the case may be), I decided on the mysterious girl stepping into the unknown future. This decision
helped us side-step the off-putting issue of the cover image not corresponding to the author's description of the main character.

It's something the publishers wanted to steer clear of from the beginning: give the reader a chance to imagine the main character instead of insisting on a specific look. That, and avoid the issue of showcasing clothes that may be out of fashion by the time the book is released.

I love the starscape - I really enjoyed the book and was hoping to convey the otherworldliness of some of the settings.


The Ripmender is available soon on the 6th May from Wordsmack Publishers in  eBook form. Wordsmack is a digital publishing house specialising in speculative African fiction. Visit them at

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