Thursday, April 16, 2015

Event: Blogger's Social Evening - 11th April 2015

The evening of the 11th of April 2015 was possibly one of the most rewarding experiences in my 30-odd years.

Two months previously, I had the random idea of setting up a small event for local bloggers, much like the one Skoobs hosted in 2012. I had no idea what that idea would eventually grow into and I am so very thankful for everyone who supported me on the journey of setting up what will be the first of many similar events.

Yes, I did say many. I am so inspired by all the support and the discussions that were had that evening that I am simply itching to get another project in the pipeline!

But let me not diverge from the topic of this post.

I arrived at the venue 2 hours before it was die to start absolutely laden with boxes of goodies we were going to be giving away to 30 lucky bloggers later that evening. With the much needed help from Colleen at Skoobs, we sorted everything into the fantastic bags kindly donated by Tracey Loves History.

All the bags are packed, they're ready to go...

Just when I thought I had time to catch my breath and possibly grab a bite to eat, people started to arrive... early! I calmed what was left of my nerves and made sure everything was 100%.

The wine bar at Skoobs filled up pretty quickly with people digging in their goodie bags and enjoying the free welcome drink kindly supplied by Skoobs / JC Le Roux.

All too soon, it was time for me open up the discussion panel and hand the mike over to Lood du Plessis, who makes the most fabulous Emcee!

The panel engaged in serious discussion.

The panel was made up of Joanne Macgregor (author of Dark Whispers), Fiona Snyckers (Author of the Trinity series), Philani Dladla (The Pavement Bookworm) and Carlyle Labuschagne (Author of The Broken Destiny).

Wonderful turnout!

I wish I had been making notes, as the discussion was interesting and many good points were raised.

Some of the key take away points were:

  • The Blogger-Author relationship is key in reaching a broader audience
  • We need to make reading cool, that way kids will want to read
  • Do not be ashamed of what you read
  • Interfacing with your audience sells more books
  • Be authentic!
 I hope everyone had a good time. I really enjoyed meeting you all and making new friends!

A big thank you to PanMacMillan. JonathanBall Publishers, Firewater Light, Fourways Chiropractic, Tracey Loves History, Tracey MacDonald Publishing, Carlyle Labuschagne, Romy Sommer, Joanne  Macgregor, Fiona Snyckers and of course BooksLIVE for the KoboGlo giveaway!

(All pics in this post are used with the permission of Lu-Marie Fraser who rocked the camera!)

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