Friday, July 31, 2015

August Challenge: 10 Books Under 350 pages

So I had an idea that would revolutionize the way I manage my insane TBR pile and this month I have decided to pull 10 books to read in August that are less then 350 pages long.

My logic for doing this is as follows:

  1. I have too many books I need to read
  2. I need to produce more content for the blog
  3. I battle to focus on longer books with current work and life stresses
  4. I can literally read an entire book in one day on the weekend if it's that short
  5. I will get my reading mojo back with shorter books
So I am really looking forward to seeing which titles apply and how I progress with this. I am going to put the pile together this evening and will try to have some variety in there too. I will put up a pic of the final pile later over the weekend. :)

Excited! Are you guys doing any challenges this month?

(PS: I know my banner is awesome. My talents at MS Paint amaze even myself.)

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