Thursday, July 30, 2015

The 5 Most Offputting Male Tinder Stereotypes

So I have been flicking through profiles on Tinder in my attempts to get sleepy and noticed many guys cut from the same cloth. To the point where I think they follow some sort of guide to bagging chicks on Tinder. Here are the five most common (with memes!).

1. The Gym Boet 

Seen in a Monster cap and no shirt, the Gym Boet is super-proud of his unnaturally buff physique. If you are lucky, you will get pics of him in his natural environment posing with a water bottle or weight. There is usually a tribal tat to be found somewhere on an overly muscled upper arm.

2. The Faux Pilot

I guess being a pilot ensures luck on Tinder, because I am surprised how many of them are out there. Posing in aviators and large headphones, this guy can be found outside an aircraft, inside an aircraft... or is that a car? Or bus? Wanna catch them out? Ask them what type of aircraft they did their PPL in and the number of solo hours they have logged.

3. The Adrenaline Junkie

Good luck seeing what this type actually looks like, because his face is usually hidden by a combination of mud, Oakleys, bandanna and more mud. Look at him tackle the wall in a Warrior race! You have no idea what he is like as a person other than the fact that he is the best pick should a zombie apocalypse hit. He will carry you to safety and not even break a sweat!

4. The Dubiously Single

At least one of his pics is with a girl he is holding a little bit too intimately to be his sister. Or better yet, he has a girl on each arm! Because this is every girl's dream, to see their next potential partner with other women! No wonder my ovaries are bursting in delight.

5. The Animal Lover

Because nothing is more adorable than seeing a guy posing with a lion cub that is destined for a life of confinement! Thank you for supporting the breeding of cute animals for our tourism industry! There are also the shirtless pics of him sleeping adorably with a dog or cat. Smells a lot like trying too hard to me.

What ever happened with natural photos? Oh, right. They died with the invention of the selfie.

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