Friday, August 14, 2015

On Bic and the Social Media Bandwagon of Rage

Is it just me, or are people morphing into these selfish, self-entitled monsters who will use any excuse to throw their toys and get their panties into knots so complex, it would take a MENSA candidate to untangle them from their asses?

Let's look as what went down locally on the Interwebs this week.

There was the impressive and yet somehow underwhelming saga of #Bicgate. I am a woman. In fact, I am a strong, opinionated woman who loves a good rant over my rights, but this just floored me. Bic's Social Media and Marketing people in their infinite wisdom put up a little quote that implied that in order to be successful, women had to "Think like a man". Yes, they fucked up and did so properly, but the ensuing snark, sarcasm and general hate that spread over the Internet as a result was downright uncalled for.

Even after issuing a formal apology for a mistake probably made by some young lackey at the bottom of the ladder, Bic was under fire by the general public. To me it seemed like Twitter exploded into a pissing contest to see who could be the "cleverest" at bashing Bic and getting the most rewteets. Because why else would someone to go such effort to Photoshop and post stuff like that?

Sure, maybe Bic needed to be called out on their actions. Sexism is not ok. But neither is turning a brand into a scapegoat for something that is actually a bigger issue.

One may argue and say we need to fight the small battles to win the bigger ones, but I felt like people lost sight of the purpose of their rants and simply ranted for the sake of ranting and getting their airtime. It was the trend of the day.

It gives me the impression that the relative anonymity of platforms like Twitter takes away any sense of responsibility or accountability for what people say.

All those tweets and hate are fielded by some poor PR or Social Media person who is subsequently probably really hating life right now. They do not go directly to the Bic Powers That Be. Some poor person starting out their career has to field all that shit. But I bet no one thinks of that. They are all focused on getting their message across in the "cleverest" way possible.

It basically amounted to a case of public bullying that is essentially seen as ok by everyone. Imagine if these things were being said to an individual. Suddenly, it's not so great, is it? Not so clever and smart, because suddenly it feels like we are back in high school playing the popularity game.

Social Media is a nasty beast and should be handled a little better than it has been. Companies should be more careful in how they present themselves and surely the general public should have the same courtesy.

Get off the bandwagon. Think about your actions. And consider if what you are doing is really the right approach for social change. Because for me it just makes society look really, really mean and self-entitled.

Don't worry Bic, I will still buy your pens because I am capable of judging you on the quality of your product. They are still the most reliable pens out there and even if Bic is run by a bunch of misogynists, I will still buy them. Because why would I want to suffer with inferior writing implements? That's just stupid.

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