Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blog Tour: The Thing About Jellyfish

Hi everyone!

Thanks for popping by and joining me on this leg of The Thing About Jellyfish South African blog tour.

The Thing About Jellyfish bi Ali Benjamin is a MG novel that is beautifully written and articulates emotions we all have felt at some point in our lives.

Suzy Swanson hears about the death of her friend Franny. Rather than simply accepting that things just happen, Suzy starts the process of finding out the reason her friend, a strong swimmer, died.

There is also the fact Suzy won't speak to anyone about anything that she is going through and chooses to immerse herself in researching jellyfish as she feels this provides the best explanation for her friend's death.

In doing this, Suzy starts discovering things about herself and people around her.

So while this book has been likened to John Green, I actually feel that Ali Benjamin is a far superior writer. She is so, so good at capturing grief and loss.

I hope that this book gets placed on reading lists on schools across the globe. I am a firm believer that books can provide comfort and solace and help us deal with difficult periods in our lives. Children can't came across these reads as easily as adults can and often the option needs to be blatantly given to them.

While this is an emotional read, I enjoyed experiencing Suzy's journey and loved some of the insights that came through in her narration.

I also loved all the interesting jellyfish facts and will definitely be reading up more information on them!

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