Thursday, November 12, 2015

10 Things I am Thankful For in 2015

So those of you who know me personally will know that 2015 has been a hell of a year for me. While there have been a lot of bad times, there has also been a lot of good too.
I would even dare say that this has been the year in which I have grown the most. Come out of my shell,  so to speak.
So here are my top ten highlights of the year with some random gratitude interspersed in between!
1. This has been the year in which I put together not one but two amazing events for bloggers. From organising venues and sponsorships to promoting the events to actually speaking at them with a microphone and everything. Sometimes I take a step back and wonder who this person is because I never,  ever thought I would be capable of such things.
2. I started a new job this year and have had my most successful year as a Recruiter yet, even though there have been tears and frustrations. One may not always be able to plan for their career, but we can certainly make the most of where we find ourselves in life.
3. My unexpected singleness resulted in me becoming assertive and  independant. Suddenly I had to make choices just for me. Do things just for me. It is amazingly empowering.
4. The blogging aspect has grown and risen to new heights. I am so blessed with all the support from readers, authors and publishers. It seems surreal that people even visit my posts,  much less generate the number of hits I get. I achieve now in a day what I used to get in a month. So thank you.
5. I have successfully been living alone for a year. Sure it's lonely at times but I have cats now. And rats. And two fish. So I'm good. I now also own things like furniture and a TV. Which I never had this time last year.
6. I really recommend doing things that scare you. For me, this was zip lining, driving a 4x4 course, public speaking and joining an action netball team where I offer little more than flailing arms and foul language.
7. I have a gym membership now! And I torture myself with spinning classes and running on the treadmill. Ok, running is a bit of a poor term for what I do. Let's call it loping. Or perhaps briskly striding while working up a gentle glow.
8. I started playing Magic the Gathering and have succeeded in spending a ton of cash on my ever growing collection of cards. I also attended my first formal tourney. And met some great new people. Sometimes it helps to just embrace your geeky side.
9. My photography has grown by leaps and bounds. I no longer just take photos of horses! In fact, I like taking pictures of things that are not of the equine variety! Musicians are a favorite new thing.
10. I have made so many wonderful new friends. Either through Magic, gaming days, It is awesome. And it makes me feel more comfortable just being myself m no matter how odd that person really is.
So there it is. Thanks to everyone who has played a role in my personal journey this year. I hope the rest of this year and 2016 brings great things for everyone. xoxo


  1. I love this positive post you have written and I'm happy you've achieved so many things this year. Maybe 2016 be even better!