Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Top 10 Best Beach Reads - 2016

Yes, folks. I have discovered Canva! Revel in my creativity!

Also, I apologise for being quiet. The past few months have been crazy busy with a new job and moving (twice!). But I plan to make up for it with this awesome, shiny blog post featuring books you should get for the upcoming holidays.

These are not necessarily 2016 releases, but more of them are fairly current and were chosen purely because they offer a fun read to get over the crazy year that is 2016.

1. Dumplin' by Julie Murphy

This is one for those books that will stay with you forever. Not because it is exceptional but because everyone loves the story of an underdog challenging the status quo.

It is an easy, fast read and reminded me of teen films like She's All That and that one with Drew Barry more where she pretends to be a teen again and basically tries to have a do-over of her shitty school experience.

2. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows and Brodi Ashton

This one made the list because it is the most awesomely fun and ridiculous YA historical novel I have read. Ever. It is a slightly (ok, very) tweaked retelling of Lady Jane Grey. It has humour, romance and enough action to keep the pages turning.

3. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

This one has a great, summery vibe to it. It follows Andie, the daughter of a Politician whose summer plans are thrown off kilter when her father gets involved in a scandal. Expect dogs, sunshine, romance and one of the most endearing male protagonists ever. Ever.

4-6. Recoil Trilogy by Joanne Macgregor

Recoil is the first in a dystopian YA trilogy by local author Joanne Macgregor. All three books are out, by the way, and can be ordered off amazon.com. Or, alternatively if you based on SA, you can contact the author directly and order a gorgeous paperback.

Jinxy is a fun heroine and the story is very fast paced with loads of actions, guns and dangerous rats!

I have included all three because once you start, you will not want to stop until you have read them all!

7. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I am offering this one up as a more adult choice for this list. Can just recommend YA, right?

Set in 1999, this is the story of a romance from afar. With Rowell's trademark writing style and humour.

It is perfect for the beach and you will absolutely love Lincoln!

8. Sanctuary by Jennifer McKissack

Sanctuary was a bit of a surprise read for me. I received a copy for review not knowing anything about it and I absolutely loved it.

Part romance, part ghost story, this book kept me up until late in the night! I actually don't want to say more than that other than the fact that I was reminded a little of Jane Eyre, one of my favourite books ever.

9. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

So this is being made into a movie, which gives you the perfect excuse to read it before seeing the movie. It is also probably Lauren Oliver's best book.

Think Groundhog Day with a sprinkle of Clueless. It's all about how the small things can make big differences to those around you.

10. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

I love, love, love Sarah Dessen. You can probably substitute this for any of her other titles and still be golden.

This one made the list because it was the first one I read and fell in love with. Plus it takes place in summer. Plus it has romance and a whole cast of characters you will fall in love with.

...and there you have it. Now there is no excuse not to have something to read over the December break!

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