Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Giveaway: Private: Gold by Jassy Mackenzie

Money. Betrayal. Murder.
That's a Private conversation. 
Hired to protect a visiting American woman, Private Johannesburg's Joey Montague is hoping for a routine job looking after a nervous tourist. After the apparent suicide of his business partner, he can't handle much more. But this case is not what it seems--and neither is his partner's death.

 Best-selling author, James Patterson, released a series of books last year which aim to create a thrilling storytelling experience in 150 pages. These books are aimed at busy readers who might not be able to commit to a full-length novel, but still want to fit in some quality reading without all that extra padding.

 The latest of these, Private: Gold, is co-authored by local writer, Jassy Mackenzie, who is well-known for her Jade de Jong series.

In celebration of the new-look blog as well as the local release of Private: Gold, I am giving away a signed copy!

To enter is simple! Leave a comment below naming your favorite fictional cop or Private Investigator with reasons why!

Oh, and keep an eye out for a review and Q&A session with Jassy!

The fine print:
South African residents only!
We will cover the costs of SAPO postage anywhere in South Africa for the winner.
Winners will be chosen by one of my rats in an impartial process.
The draw will take place on the 7th May 2017.


  1. Mac Taylor from CSI New York, he's very methodical and analytical. He knows everything from Greek mythology, pop culture and can even play the guitar.

  2. Erm... who is Sherlock Holmes? ��
    Got to love him!

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  4. Love Jade De Jong in Jassy Mackenzie's novels. She is super smart, sassy and oh so human all at the same time.

  5. definitely Jade De Jong created by Jassy Mackenzie. She reignited my love for crime thriller novels :)