Sunday, April 9, 2017

Review: Bad Seeds by Jassy Mackenzie

Title: Bad Seeds (Jade de Jong Book 5)
Author: Jassy Mackenzie
Publisher: Soho Crime (April 2017)

Johannesburg PI Jade de Jong has been hired by Ryan Gillespie, the charming security director at the Inkomfe Nuclear Research Center, to trace a missing employee, Carlos Botha, who vanished just days after an attempted break-in. But when Jade traces Botha to the quiet suburb of Randfontein, she discovers that he’s the target of a hit, and that she’s now in danger by association. It becomes clear that someone intends to use Inkomfe’s nuclear power to heinous ends, and Jade must figure out whether that someone is Botha.

So Easter is coming up and you have no idea what to read. You are also looking for books with an exciting plot and a strong female protagonist. You are tired of crime fiction that follows the usual tropey nonsense.

I suggest, if anything I just said rings true, that you get a copy of Bad Seeds. Do not be put off by the fact that it is book 5 in a series. It does pretty much stand alone. I promise.

Rather than give you a traditional review, here are ten reasons why you should give this book a try!

  1. Jade. She is awesome and resourceful. It's so refreshing to have a strong, female lead that I actually like.
  2. The sense of humor is clever and not over-the-top. They way Jade sees the world and her internal commentary on even the smallest things is so entertaining to read.
  3. It's fast-paced. You will fly through this, wanting to know exactly what happens next.
  4. It's set in my hometown. This one might not apply to all readers, but I found it so great to have landmarks I know referenced with accuracy. I also think it will give non-locals a great taste of our country.
  5. No info-dumping. You would think, with 4 books already behind her, that we would need to be caught up to a lot information regarding Jade and her past. This is tastefully done with smatterings throughout the book.
  6. The book deals with topical issues like Nuclear Energy in a way that shows research has been done. But, it also didn't bog down the pacing of the story with technical rubbish the reader actually doesn't care about.
  7. Carlos Botha. There. I added him. Just because I am tired of male leads hogging all the glory doesn't mean I want all my mental eye candy taken away. Bad guy or good guy? You have to read the book to find out what I mean!
  8. There is an actual mystery to solve. And it's not all that predictable. You as a reader find yourself in Jade's shoes as she has no idea who to trust.
  9. It reads like a film. I could picture everything happening like it would on-screen. I even have some ideas for the cast.
  10. The inclusion of other points-of-view really adds depth to the story as the characters put the pieces together. And Warrant Officer Mweli can definitely return in future books with her love of fast food and her cat, Chakalaka. 

You can get a copy of Bad Seeds here in hardback or audiobook. It will be published in South Africa by Umuzi Publishers soon!

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