Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Teen Team: Call to Action

I have had the realization that posts from a slightly jaded, often grumpy 30-something are probably not the best way to get more kids reading.

And we need more kids to see reading as fun and to find books they enjoy reading because all it really takes is for the right book to land in the right reader's hands for them to be hooked for life. I am sure many readers out there can remember the exact book that got them hooked reading, but this is of course a post for another day.

So, I am looking for 4 teens who love reading and would be interested eventually getting into writing their own blogs. I m hoping that having some local teen voices will encourage others to give this reading thing a try beyond the boring textbooks they prescribe in schools.


  • 13-18 years of age.
  • Contactable on e-mail (this will not be shared publicly - can belong to a parent).
  • Must be able to read and review a book in a month. 
  • Must be (for the time being) based in Johannesburg, South Africa for logistical reasons.
  • Have parental permission to take part.

What's in it for you:
  • An established platform to get your content and name out there.
  • Guidance of a blogger and reviewer with seven years' experience.
  • Advice and templates for writing reviews and creating your own style.
  • Potential for getting review copies of the latest releases from the big publishers.
  • Opportunities to attend events and meet authors.
  • Assistance with setting up your own blog if this is exciting and something you want to do by yourself one day. I won't judge and am here to help!

The finer print:
  • Your safety online is my concern. I welcome the use of pseudonyms and discourage sharing of personal Facebook accounts because there are some weirdos out there.
  • All reviews written remain the property of the reviewer. If UrbanisedGeek is approached to share these reviews on other websites, permission will be asked from you first.
  • There is no timeline and no pressure, though the more reviews you write, the more books I will be able to motivate to get you. Simple as that.
  • There will be a dedicated tab with a page that will outline this project and the profiles of the teens reviewers. I will ask you to help me answer five fun questions about yourself so that people visiting the blog will know a little something about who you are and what books you like reading.
  • Parents can contact me at anytime!
If this is something that sounds exciting for you, get in touch with me on monique@urbanisedgeek.co.za and tell me what your favorite book is and why. That's it!

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