Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Review: Her Las Vegas Wedding by Andrea Bolter (Mills & Boon)

Title: Her Las Vegas Wedding
Author: Andrea Bolter
Publisher: Mills and Boon (March 2018)

To an inconvenient attraction! 
When hotel heiress Audrey Girard's safe, convenient wedding to a business partner is called off, she's left to contend with her ex-fiance's brother--wild, brooding chef Shane Murphy. And there's certainly nothing safe about Audrey's attraction to Shane--every day they work together is even more dangerously tempting! Could there be a Las Vegas wedding in the cards after all?

Jonathan Ball Publishers kindly sent me a stack of brand-new Mills and Boons for review, which I was so pleased about. Thank you so much Nkanyezi and the team!

Her Las Vegas Wedding was the first one I decided to read. My edition is part of a 2-book bind-up which includes A Proposal For The Officer.

I enjoyed this story, which I felt could easily have been a film starring a younger Gerard Butler. It has a lot of humour and feel-good vibes.

Audrey Girard is a fun, likable character who has a lot on her shoulders as the heiress to a successful Hotel chain. I appreciated that, in spite of her heritage, she was without airs and graces. I loved she was independent and not some pampered princess sitting by the poolside waiting on some shirtless assistant to mop the sweat from her brow.

Shane Murphy is completely swoon-worthy as the leading man. I really enjoyed the culinary details as well, as a lot of this book has to do with the food Shane is preparing for his first cookbook. I actually felt hungry when I was reading this!

I loved how the romance played out and that it wasn't insta-love by chapter two. The characters actually got to know each other and spend time together before passion flared in their loins.

The writing was tight and the plot flowed easily, meaning I read this in one sitting because time just flew by.

If you want some light, easy reading over Easter, this is a good bet, as the second novel in the bind-up is just as enjoyable. It is just R79 at selected CNA's.

Stay tuned for my review of A Proposal for the Officer!

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