Monday, April 9, 2018

Mini Review: A Proposal For the Officer by Christy Jefferies (Mills & Boon)

Title: A Proposal For the Officer
Author: Christy Jeffries
Publisher: Mills & Boon True Love (March 2018)

She was used to flying solo…
But that was before Kaleb came on board! 
Temporarily grounded combat pilot Molly Markham didn’t come to Sugar Falls to get serious about a man she barely knows! But when Kaleb Chatterson becomes her unexpected hero, she agrees to date the billionaire software developer to keep their secret from getting out. Except the sexy brainiac—and her pretend boyfriend—is fast turning into the man of her dreams…
Another M&B review!

I really loved this one, and found it to be much stronger than Her Las Vegas Wedding in terms of plot and character. Getting the bind-up of these two is certainly worth it, though.

For those cynics who assume Mills & Boon is about fainting females who simply need a male to complete them, this story will completely bust that assumption.

Molly is a strong, independent lead, who in spite of challenges, stands her ground.

Kaleb is a good match for her, as he is just as stubborn.

I also loved how this book dealt with real issues, such as Molly's Type 1 Diabetes. I actually learnt a lot about this condition from reading this and was so happy that it was done in a realistic way.

Mills and Boon are clearly no longer about having perfect characters and I am loving the True Love range in particular.

There will be even more Mill and Boon Mini Reviews this month, so check back!

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