Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Favorite Songs from The Umbrella Academy

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If you have Netflix or the internet, you would probably have heard someone talking about the new show, The Umbrella Academy by now. What you might not have heard is that the show is the brainchild of ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. Not only did he write the comics, but he was also instrumental (see what I did there?) in putting together the tv show and its soundtrack.

Gerard Way as we know him best.

And what an awesome soundtrack it is. Possibly the best part of the few episodes I have watched. This prompted me to find a Spotify playlist and give the list of tracks a listen while I work. I have picked out my favourites for you to enjoy too.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants

This is one of those songs that I feel I should apologise in advance for because you will have it stuck in your head for the next few days.

Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore

I have never heard of Gin Wigmore before, although her music has featured in a few TV series. I like the lounge music vibe and a sound that reminds me a little of Amy Winehouse.

Hazy Shade of Winter - Gerard Way, Ray Toro

This is a fantastic, rocked-up cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic. Essential for those of you missing My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way's distinctive voice.

Phantom of the Opera Medley - Lindsey Sterling

Wondered why the violin medley Vanya plays at the beginning of episode one is so familiar? That's because it's really Lindsey Stirling. I love this so much as she adds her own flair to covers she does.

And, lastly, there is one scene where the cast dances along to I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany. I can't in good conscience add that song to the list (because it's just not my bag, baby), but I can include an amazing cover that I think fits the darkness of the series. This by Hidden Citizens, who did a series of covers along this vein, giving songs a movie trailer level of epicness. I would love to see their music included in future episodes of The Umbrella Academy.

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