Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My Reading Challenge: 50 Books in 2 Months

Hey all!

So I am relocating to the Netherlands in two months. I have sold my car and also will be spending the next two months at home, sorting out life stuff.

I have decided, partly for my own sanity and partly to get rid of my teetering TBR pile, to try and read 50 books in 2 months (60 days). This might seem impossible for some, but I was taught to read from a young age and, when I am on form, am capable of reading a 350-page book in 2 hours. I am fairly confident I can make this number before getting on a plane.

I plan to record my progress and review all books read here. I am not going to be reading any books longer than 400 pages to keep this challenge within reach, so that means loads of YA!

Books I don't finish because I don't like them will not count towards this.

Follow along on my socials with the hashtag #50books2months .

Let's do this!

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